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10 Ways to Help Save Bees

Bees are essential to our eco-system and help us and mother nature out in so many ways! It is crucial we all do our part to help save them. Here are 10 ways you can help!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Plant bee friendly flowers and plants such as wildflowers

  2. Don't use pesticides (and don't support those who do)

  3. Build bee houses

  4. Support your local bee keeper, and buy local!

  5. Teach your children about how bees help us - pass it on

  6. Put a small basin of water in your garden for bees

  7. Don't use insecticides (and don't support those who do)

  8. Weeds can be a good thing - bees love dandelions!

  9. Don't be afraid of bees, bees are our friends

  10. Encourage others to follow your lead - sign petitions, educate your friends

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