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Nutrigrill AAA Lump Charcoal 8kg

Nutrigrill Premium Lump Charcoal is harvested through responsible and sustainable forestry management. Careful material selection and a traditional kiln style carbonization produces a superior charcoal that burns hotter, longer and with less ash for the best BBQ flavour.

Nutrigrill charcoal is extremely dense and has a high carbon content which means there are fewer impurities compared to other charcoals. It produces a high heat orange colored flame with less smoke, sparks, and ash and is known for a pleasantly mild smoky flavor. It's this combination of smokey flavor and quality ingredients that produce a sophisticated BBQ taste making it a popular choice among the finest steakhouses & BBQ restaurants.

Nutrigrill AAA Lump Charcoal 8kg

  • In Store, Curbside PU or free Local Delivery only.

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