Good news...
2021 Strong VSH NUCs 

Please read all the points as this is NOT a normal NUC sale.   Bookings and pickup for the G.V.R.D. / Fraser Valley are through B.C. Bee Supply & Happy Homesteader.   There is a collaboration behind this including research through a Federal Not for Profit.  The Federal Not for Profit will have as many as 11 Summer Students performing community outreach and support.
ALL Queens will be serial numbered (numbered disc on the thorax) for tracking breeding / performance
1.  Strong varroa resistant queen 4 frame NUC with delivery expect 2nd week of June subject to Mother Nature $315 through the above suppliers
2.  Testing through the Federal Not for Profit after 55 days at your location to assess level of mite resistance (Suppressed Mite Resistance test developed by the U.S.D.A. Agricultural Research Station at Baton Rouge)
3.  Opportunity to “double queen” your colony:
Community Outreach by Federal Not for Profit to add a dado cut to your equipment and gift you a divider board.  Examples of “2 x 5 / 4 x 2” to touch and feel, plans and availability to purchase if you don’t want to build your own.  (A conventional Langstroth box can easily be configured as 2 times 5 frame Nucs, or 4 times 2 frame Nucs)
4.  Availability of another Strong V.S.H. Virgin Queen $20 for you to dual queen your colony prior to winter

There will be detailed “How to” videos / instructions to set your mating up for success.
Ongoing Data Research (we will share the anonymous stats for all this years colonies)
The realistic expectation is you will have a strongly varroa resistant NUC that you can split and effectively over winter.  There will a large education component provided with respect to the Science as well as the hands on testing by the Federal Not for Profit.

VSH 4 Frame Nucs please Call us to Reserve